A little about me

I’m a UX and Product Designer from Toronto, and a fresh graduate from the University of Waterloo’s Global Business and Digital Arts program.

I love concerts, slow mornings, and spontaneous plans.

Oh, and design of course.

My journey to UX

In a way, I’ve been working towards a career in design long before I ever heard the words “user experience.” I wrote that I wanted to be an artist in my kindergarten yearbook, but it wasn’t until high school that I started doing visual art seriously. I developed my visual design skills, and learned about balance, composition, and colour theory. This knowledge is the foundation of my UI design work today.

At the same time, I excelled in the sciences. I had a curiosity for the world and everything in it. Investigating WHY, testing hypotheses, and thinking critically — these are all skills that I use today when conducting UX research and designing solutions for problems.

I stumbled into the world of UX design when I started the GBDA program at the University of Waterloo. UX combined the art and science sides of me, and for once, I found a career that I could picture myself in.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve completed two UX/UI design internships at RBC and Sony. There, I designed web and mobile applications, collaborating closely with business and development. I also spent 5 months abroad in Sweden, where I studied interaction design and ate way too many cinnamon buns.

Want to chat? Shoot me a message at kaylin.h.lee@gmail.com
You can also find me on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, at the links in the header.